Come see some of the latest solutions in medical simulation and training! Innovation Harvest Day, July 18th!

DOD Modeling and Simulation at Tech Grove Now

Get Hands-on at Tech Grove

At Central Florida Tech Grove, we house several DOD training platforms our military customers use. We provide access to these platforms for modeling, simulation, and training innovators like you, such as technologies using augmented reality for training. Ready to get involved?

Army soldier using virtual reality for training

Air Force Pilot Training Next (PTNS)

The PTN simulators use commercially available components to create an immersive environment that provides less expensive yet effective simulation training time.

U.S. Navy Live Virtual Construction Developmental Operations Center (LVC DOC)

LVCDOC is a forward looking laboratory environment designed to integrate current and future distributed mission training environments into a proving ground to support the development, evaluation, and employment of Live, Virtual, and Constructive initiatives.

U.S. Navy Multiple Reconstructive Training Systems 3D (MRTS 3D)

Built using cost effective commercial off-the-shelf components, MRTS 3D Trainer can shift between multiple software simulation applications within minutes enabling the use of one device to train on-site for a variety of needs. 

Is Tech Grove a home for your Training Platform?

Battlefield simulated training with military vehicles and aircraft

We are interested in talking to you about your training platform and how we might provide support for customer discovery or test and evaluation. Reach out to start a conversation!

DOD Modeling and Simulation: Get Real at Tech Grove

Are you ready for real experiences, real opportunities, and real results?

If so, Tech Grove is the place for you. Explore our:

That’s not all!

Do you want to try out a flight simulator? Help develop a serious game? Want to challenge your cyber defense skills? Or maybe you’re ready to have a face-to-face conversation with the Commanding Officer of the local Navy command? Meet your next intern or part-time employee?

You can do all of that at Tech Grove.

Reach out today if you are interested in knowing more!