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  • 50K Awarded- Don't Sleep on Prize Challenges
  • Hold - SBIR Workshops with APEX
  • 4 Simple Steps to Accelerate your Business

- Authors: Dr. Tracy Boyd, Carol Ann Logue, and special thanks to Defense Alliance.

Unlocking Opportunities: 50K Awarded – Don't Sleep on Prize Challenges.

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Prize challenges are often overlooked, but Tridium, a forward-thinking technology company, can attest to the immense benefits that lie within. Their recent victory in the Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) challenge hosted by NAWCTSD and held at Tech Grove showcased their prowess and gave them a handsome reward of $50,000.


Don't sleep on prize challenges to elevate your company's profile. These contests offer a unique avenue to showcase your skills, make meaningful connections, and, like Tridium, potentially win significant awards. The next challenge could be the stepping stone to your company's success, so seize the opportunity and get in front of your customers today. Who knows, you might be the next $50,000 winner!

Looking for a prize challenge? -Join the Tech Grove/NAWCTSD RRL information session on Oct 3rd. 160K in prize money.


SBIR Workshops

Have you (or someone you know) ever been interested in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program but not sure where to start? If so, this is your lucky day!

Central Florida Tech Grove and Florida APEX Accelerator at UCF are combining forces to create a unique 3-part SBIR Explained webinar series.

4 Simple Steps to Accelerate your Business.

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Innovative Insights

Innovate:  Don’t miss the next major Central Florida innovation event, the Metacenter Global Week in Orlando, FL - 10/17 – 10/19

Collaborate: Women in Tech Entrepreneurship is making big waves in Florida. Check them out at here or join at No Cost HERE.

Accelerate: Palmetto Tech Bridge has an Autonomy challenge (heads up, AI geeks) happening right now with 50K in prizes!

Learn:  CMMC Update: What recently changed and what you can do to prepare Webinar- Oct 5th

Fun Opportunity: 20k award for creating a fun, lightweight video game related to civics that incorporate Library of Congress resources. Go HERE for more information.

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Written by: Dr. Tracy Boyd, Carol Ann Lodge, and Special Thanks to Defense Alliance.


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