NATO Modeling & Simulation Coalition Jam

Coming Soon Again in 2024  Central Florida Tech Grove, 12809 Science Drive, Orlando FL

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) products are highly valuable resources and it is essential that M&S products, data, and processes are conveniently accessible to a large number of users as often as possible. However, achieving interoperability between simulation systems and ensuring the credibility of results currently requires large efforts with regard to time, personnel, and budget.

Recent developments in cloud computing technology and service-oriented architectures offer opportunities to better utilize M&S capabilities in order to satisfy NATO's critical needs.

M&S as a Service (MSaaS) is a concept that includes service orientation and the provision of M&S applications via the as-a-service model of cloud computing to enable more composable simulation environments that can be deployed and executed on demand. The MSaaS paradigm supports stand-alone use as well as integration of multiple simulated and real systems into a unified cloud-based simulation environment whenever the need arises.