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Innovation Grows with Us

Tech Grove is the nation’s only innovation center specifically created to foster collaboration and the acceleration of novel, non-traditional, Modeling, Simulation, Training & Human Performance solutions to our national defense partners at Team Orlando.  We connect YOUR innovations with our invested partners to solve training and performance challenges at the speed of innovation across multiple services.

Our Charter is to Improve Human Performance through Modeling, Simulation & Training

At Tech Grove, we’re committed to uncovering unique ways to solve some of the Modeling, Simulation & Training industry’s toughest problems.  Right now we’re focused on these three areas –contribute to the fight, reach out to us today.

Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) and Synthetic Training Environment (STE)

LVC-STE Adoption

Expanding the adoption of Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) and Synthetic Training Environment (STE) tools and solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Uncovering and adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock human-machine interaction


XR Technology

Improving human performance with the use of advanced XR technology, 5G networking, and integration


Respond to our Problems.  Tell us about your Solutions.

Tech Grove has partnered with the National Security Innovation Network to create a platform - Team Orlando Problem Solvers (TOPS) -  that provides you with a portal to respond to specific problem statements as well as submit information about your products, services, and capabilities.   Join the TOPS community today, check out the problems in our Problem Grove, submit your capabilities, and engage with us!

Interested in solving or meeting teams engaged in solving these problems?

At Tech Grove We…





Simulation Training


Human Performance

Human Performance


Helping bring your ideas to life with access to technology transfer and licensing and access to world-class researchers

We offer cutting edge innovation solutions


Fostering relationships with entrepreneurs, researchers and Team Orlando technologist via networking, workshops and design challenges in our 6,400 square foot innovation space.


We collaborate with government and nontraditional technologists


Getting your ideas to market faster by leveraging the expertise within the Commands, capital financiers, OEMs, and unique curated exposure events

Our goal is to accelerate your Modeling, Simulation, Training & Human Performance, AI innovations, XR – VR/AR, and Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) and Synthetic Training Environment (STE) tools and solutions

Our invested partners include:

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SFC Paul Ray Smith Simulation & Training Technology
STC Army Futures Command