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Modeling - Simulation - Training for Human Performance Innovation


Austinpreneur Podcast

Bridging Naval Capabilities and Startup Communities

This episode peaks into how the United States Navy is working with startups to drive innovation in their capabilities, processes and culture. We recorded this episode back in August of 2023 at Capital Factory's Fed Supernova. Our guests include Graham Chynoweth and Diana Teel from the Navy's innovation network, NavalX. Also on the show today is Carol Ann Logue, who leads South Florida's efforts to build a supportive startup ecosystem around defense innovation programs, including NavalX. The conversation uncovers new avenues into the department of defense for startups. These networks and non-dilutive funding sources are changing the game for hard tech startups looking to unlock early milestones, even if they have a primarily commercial target market. Listen now and you just may be the next startups to partner up with the DoD.



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2024 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Meet with Government Agencies and Prime Contractors (In-Person Event)

  • We expect more than 20 agencies and primes contractors will be available.
  • No scheduled meetings. Just come and speak with the agencies of your choice!
  • No limit to the number of agencies or primes.  Meet as many as time allows!
  • Opportunities to start new agency/prime relationships or advance existing ones.


Real Experiences, Real Opportunities, Real Results

Try out a flight simulator? Help develop a serious game? Challenge your cyber defense skills? Have a face-to-face conversation with the Commanding Officer of the local Navy command? Meet your next intern or part-time employee? You can do all of that and more at Tech Grove.

Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved!

The Nation’s Modeling, Simulation, and Training Innovation Center

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) depends on non-traditional training solutions built with cutting-edge technologies created by innovators like you. However, getting your novel solution to market — and to the DOD for military readiness training — is challenging.


That’s where Central Florida Tech Grove comes in.




At Tech Grove, we facilitate modeling, simulation, and training (MS&T) advances with:

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We offer resources to inspire you, connecting you to the people and organizations at the forefront of the defense modeling and simulation industry.

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We help you discover collaboration opportunities with Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Space Force modeling, simulation, and training organizations.

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We assist you with business development assistance and federal funding to get your innovation to market in the hands that need it.

Our Mission for Enhancing DOD Human Performance

Grow the Defense Industry Base

We collaborate with industry, academia, small business, and government from across the nation to expand the defense industry base. We offer an expansive calendar of events, education and support, and referrals to ecosystem support organizations ranging from industry associations to competitive research as well as development programs.

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Facilitate MS&T Technology Transfers

We facilitate technology transfers between small businesses, universities, and government labs. We conduct joint activities, spinning out federally developed technology to support innovation and spinning in solutions from industry and academia to solve complex government human performance challenges.

Solve Complex Military Training Challenges

We facilitate the innovation of enhanced human performance training solutions to apply to the gaps and problems shared by our military customers. Through prize challenges, tech scans, game jams, and other initiatives, industry, government, and academia work together to create and accelerate solutions.

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Unique Ways To Solve Military Human Performance Problems

Tech Grove is where we uncover unique ways to solve some of the modeling, simulation, and training industry’s toughest problems. Our innovators have moved well beyond the use of basic virtual reality for training to deliver technology-based human performance training. Right now we’re focused on these areas:

LVC-STE Adoption

Expanding the adoption of Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) and Military Synthetic Training Environment (STE) tools and solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

Uncovering and adapting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock human-machine interaction in AI military training.

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XR Technology

Improving human performance using advanced extended reality for training (XRT) technology, 5G networking, and integration.

Interested in Modeling, Simulation, and Training?

Connect, Collaborate With Leaders, and More

Tech Grove offers many resources to help you engage in the defense modeling, simulation, and training industry.


We’re located in the heart of Orlando’s MetaCenter — a vast interconnected network of organizations leading technology innovations — where we host the MetaGrove, a digital twin of our operations.


Discover how to connect for discussions around everything from LVC training to… well, there are no limits to innovation!

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Join us for our next event!

Come accelerate your business with a strategic business consultation from the Florida SBDC at Central Florida Tech Grove


APEX at the Grove January 25th 9AM - 12PM. 



The FSBDC at UCF’s Government Contracting Services provides businesses with:                                           
• Assistance in competing for government contracts and other small purchases                                                       
• Assistance with Small Disadvantaged Business and Minority Business Enterprise certification applications         
• Assistance with proposals and marketing                                       
• Training on government procurement topics


Real Experiences, Real Opportunities, Real Results

Want to try out a flight simulator, help develop a serious game, challenge your cyber defense skills, or experience virtual reality for training?


Interested in having a face-to-face conversation with the Commanding Officer of the local Navy command or meeting your next intern or part-time employee?


You can do all of that and more at Tech Grove. Contact us to discover how you can get involved!

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Share your Capabilities

Do you have an innovative idea or capability that could be a solution for challenges facing our national defense partners? Getting novel, non-traditional, human performance solutions in front of potential users, customers and collaborators can be a long and arduous process. Until now. Tell us about your innovation so we can tell others.

Why Orlando is the Metacenter

Orlando has for decades been the epicenter of innovation in modeling, simulation, and training for our nation’s military. As a result, it is also the home of a vast interconnected network of organizations leading innovations in game development, artificial intelligence, multi-dimensional modeling, optics, sensors, and data science.

Share your innovations with Team Orlando

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White Team Orlando Logo

Tech Grove and the National Security Innovation Network have created a Team Orlando platform to allow you to respond to specific problem statements as well as submit information about your products, services, and capabilities.

Join the TOPS community today, check out the problems in our Problem Grove, submit your capabilities, and engage with us!


Central Florida Tech Grove Partners

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We'd love for you to get connected with us and join our Tech Grove Innovation Growers Alliance!  By giving us your contact information, you will receive our newsletter, get announcements about opportunities, events, and more.  Also go to our "Share Your Capabilities" portal and provide us your information so we will know about all the ways you can help us solve problems!

In the heart of Research Park and adjacent to the UCF main campus, our physical facility is just 20 minutes from both Orlando and Sanford International Airports and minutes from hotels and dining. But we are very virtual and you can participate in many of our opportunities no matter where you are!